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Equipment Rental

Interpretation Equipment

Ahedo Marín Traductores offers an integral interpretation service. Count on our experience to design a custom plan for your needs and budget.

A major factor to consider when hiring a simultaneous interpretation service is the hearing assistance equipment inherent to the service.

The basic interpretation equipment usually includes:

  • Table-top or full Interpreters Booth
  • WilliamSound Interpreters Control Unit
  • WilliamSound Transmitter for audio from room to booth and booth to individual headphones
  • WilliamSound individual wireless, radio-frequency receptors with stereo headphones
  • Sennheiser Interpreter Headphones
  • Sennheiser Interpreter Microphones
  • Interpreters booth lamp

Our top-of-the-line equipment guarantees the quality of our service, the comfort of your participants, and the elegance your corporate events deserve.

Our service includes specialized technical assistance throughout the event.

In events with few participants or with specific mobility characteristics among speakers and audience, such as guided visits and outdoors ceremonies, you might want to have portable interpretation equipment, which requires no set up or technical assistance, and is considerablyless expensive.

Call us! We'll be glad to analyze your needs and make a proposal with the best option for your event.